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Eteri Nioradze is a Georgian filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Born in Moscow, Eteri earned her Master's Degree in Cultural Studies/Mass Communications from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts and worked for over 12 years as a marketing and PR professional in the IT industry. She has always been very passionate about film and art. She embarked on a film studies program with a filmmaking class at Moscow Film School and a course at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles that included a production workshop at Universal Studios. Her debut short film "Please, Have a Seat!", which she wrote, directed, and produced, has garnered the attention of dozens of film festivals, including the Academy Awards, the Canadian Screen Award, and IMDB qualifying festivals. She loves to create concepts, write and develop scripts and characters, and direct films and commercials. Eteri is a highly collaborative team member who enjoys every step of production.

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